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2016 The Year That Video Took Over

Huge surprise here, apparently video is popular. At this point, you should be able to see the the power of video and how it has dominated digital media. Unfortunately, it seems as if no one is realizing how powerful video really is. 2016 is the year of video marketing, and it’s only getting bigger, to the point that 2017 will still be the year of video. So maybe you should look into capitalizing on that. Go now and do a simple Google search and it can show you how video is growing tremendously, but it’s the sheer statistics that showcase the future of video.

We’re at the point now where so many people have never known a life before the Internet and now our world is consumed by digital media. Video can convey content easily, for example, longer written articles, like this one, can be simplified into video. To prove how effective video is becoming for advertising, there have been numerous studies that have correlated enough data to show video is not slowing down, like at all.

We’re up to 93% of marketers using video for online marketing, sales and communication. Beyond that, 96% of B2B companies are planning to use video in their content marketing within the next year. Do not be the percent not using video; your business depends on it.

Let’s get more personal with your brand and how video will boost your traffic. Simply enough, a video on your website can boost dwell time by two whole minutes on average. That’s incredible in an age where you can be dismissed faster than an elevator ride. Emails are still a primary form of communication, and simply adding the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rate by 19%. That also increases click-through rates by 65% and even reduces unsubscribers by 26%!

Source via Linkedin goo.gl/qErncn

Before you get worn out from statistics that may not apply to you, here’s some food for thought: By 2017, experts believe that video will take up 69% of all consumer Internet traffic1. That’s practically four times as much as web browsing and email combined. If that’s not enough of a reason to get the ball rolling on your video marketing, then look even further. Video is dominating and is set to take over 79% of consumer Internet traffic by 2018.

Some brands have been killing it with video, and others pioneered it. YouTube has been around forever, practically the grandfather of video sharing, yet it is growing now faster than ever. Don’t believe that? An in depth study by Jeetendr Sehdev has shown that YouTube stars are 17 times more engaging than mainstream stars. To connect with your audience you need to engage them, and this study has proven that, even to the point where eight of the top ten slots in the study are YouTubers. The study surveyed the ever-vague age range of 13-17 and strengthens the proof of the influence that YouTubers have on the youth of today.

Social media has lost its mind over video as of late. Vine started a craze that it couldn’t keep up with, while Snapchat perfected the short video. Then Instagram stole stories from Snapchat, and Facebook held almost nothing besides “news” videos. If you’ve been keeping up with any of the news with social and video, then you can see how this powerhouse of media is a new advertising platform to be perfected.

As beneficial as video is, it can’t do all the work for you. People love to get away from their work to watch videos or pass around the best cat video of the week, but no matter what, a video needs to connect to the consumer. The more engaging or relatable the video, the more it’s shared and rewatched.  Take a look at visionary YouTuber, Casey Neistat, who has repeatedly made videos that go viral. He gives his videos enough personality and extraordinary content that makes them spread like wildfire. Neistat has over a billion views across just over 900 videos so it doesn’t take a genius to see he’s killing it. No matter the brand, the video will have to engage through storytelling, enough to be spread.

Source via Variety http://bit.ly/1CXzmhK

As intimidating as video may seem to those of more traditional marketing, it is the future and everyone needs to adapt. By the year 2020 we could be well into a world where video takes up over 80% of all consumer Internet traffic, which is great for video marketing, but not for those who can’t craft stories. With so much marketing moving toward video, brands will need to push strong consumer centric messages to connect and engage; staying not only relatable, but memorable in the eyes of a constantly moving consumer. We may be slowing down to watch videos, but we’re speeding up our consumption rate and easily forgetting anything that doesn’t interest us. The year of video marketing is now, so don’t leave your company buffering, trying to catch up to the rest.

Source via Linkedin goo.gl/qErncn