Our passion project, Good Behavior made the cover of NJBIZ

Eleanor Kubacki and her daughter Dakota Silver are featured this month in newest issue of NJBIZ magazine celebrating the successful launch of their new enterprise, Good Behavior.

The beginnings of Good Behavior started innocently enough. After falling in love with a weekender bag Eleanor and Dakota found on Pinterest, they tracked them down and discovered the bags are made in Lamu, Kenya by a group of women artisans. Eleanor and Dakota contacted them and partnered with the artisans to begin producing custom designed and printed versions to offer under the Good Behavior brand.

The bags are made from retired sails from local Kenyan fishing boats. While being washed, cleaned, and tailored into a new form, they retain the delightful, weathered patina of their original purpose making them not just into a handy, stylish accessory but one that is truly unique and one of a kind.

But it didn’t stop there. With Eleanor’s experience running a successful marketing firm for 25 years, she created the Good Behavior brand to sell the bags to help the Kenyan artisans make a living and feed their families. While building the Good Behavior brand, Eleanor and Dakota also found other artisans in Mexico and India and partnered with them to create uniquely custom products. Along with locally made products, Eleanor and Dakota have created a product line that makes a personal statement for the consumer and helps the artisans make a living.

Since the launch, the Good Behavior products are selling extremely well, and the customer response has been incredible. While launching a brand can be challenging, Eleanor’s decades of experience building brands for other clients has made the process less daunting, but Eleanor and Dakota know there’s always something new to learn.

Visit Good Behavior here.