Vincent Stout

Vincent, or Vinnie as he prefers, is a digital fanatic and web developer, and one of the 2% of certified WordPress experts on Codeable. He started programming during high school back in 1999 with an interest in developing video games. Life led Vinnie down a slightly different path and he ended up in the world of agency-based web development, with focus on rock-solid web development, web speed enhancement, and SEO. In 2019, Vinnie underwent the intensive 3-month vetting process of Codeable to receive his “expert” certification, which challenged him to demonstrate his mad-skills in WordPress through test projects and live coding testing.

When he’s not being paid to develop, you might still find Vinnie challenging himself in other ways—like creating a Roulette simulator, just for fun, playing table tennis, or teaching cats to jump through hoops.

WordPress Expert, Codeable

Pennsylvania State University