Atlantic Club Casino Hotel - EFK Group

The Background Story

The Atlantic Club Casino is one of Atlantic City’s original casinos. Originally opening in 1980 as Sands Resort, the casino – with the creative and strategic guidance of EFK – has been transformed into a gambling and entertainment destination favored by the locals for its’ affordability, great food, low denomination slots and tables, and its’ location on the AC boardwalk. After all, it is the casino for the rest of us.

Services Provided

We took a full approach to rebranding the Atlantic Club by hitting all the major channels. With TV, Radio, Print, and Digital, no stone was left unturned in showing that there is more than just a casino down in AC. Our ads featured both humorous and realistic portrayals of the people and the city to give visitors insight into the variety of options they have, besides Blackjack.

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A Casino For The Rest Of Us

Instead of getting lost in the shuffle of high-rollers that outbid the table, the Atlantic Club featured reasonable slots and tables that brought more fun than stress to the game. The branding was simple: we are for everyone. Our featured stories allowed us to see the residents of the area live large in comfortable salons, lavish restaurants, and being treated like royalty, without breaking the bank. Instead of sitting next to the 1%, your sitting next to your friend.


It’s hard enough to stay in the minds of consumers in most industries. In Gaming, nearly impossible. We stood out from the crowd with headlines that everyone can relate too that was clever and truthful. Featured in restaurants, hotels, and inside the casino themselves, we push the budget-friendly value of a trip to the Atlantic Club.

Outdoor Outworks

In a city full of bright lights, flashing ads, and signs for cheaper parking, we found a way for the Atlantic Club to stand out. Our billboards weren’t about unrealistic portrayals of Atlantic City life, but more about the everyday experiences of it’s residents and a normal tourist who’s interested to see more than just the casino.

Free parking, a family lifestyle, and quips that spoke to tourists were more effective than promising unlimited riches, champagne, and red carpet service. So on several billboards and banners, we featured an honest portrayal and included promotional events to make consumers feel they could win and also have fun.


Our voice for the Atlantic Club came to life in our television ads. Below are just two commercials that showed what the rest of us want in our vacation experience. To be spoiled, to gave a great meal, and to take a break from the mundane without having to give up your car, home, and first-born.


As the city’s first locals casino, we were able to stand out in the Trump’s and Tropicana’s of Atlantic City. By highlighting what matters to the locals, we were able to significantly raise revenue and put a positive spin to affordability.